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Warranty Status

Warranty Status

BALTRA Home Appliances-1 Year Warranty

BALTRA Home Products are known for its superlative techniques & easy to use features. These specialities made us proud to announce that our products are really well in terms of consumer utilization. Just in case, if you found any problem, our Service Team would be delighted to help you in a prompt & effective manner.

BALTRA Home Products carries 1 Year Warranty against any manufacturing defects. In case of non-functioning of products, you may please contact to our Consumer Care Team which is fully equipped to resolve your problems.

Our Warranty is subject to following Terms & Conditions:

Service Request would be Valid only when:

  • The Product has been purchased from the authorized dealer only.
  • The Warranty Card (Duly Signed & Stamped) & Purchase Receipt alongwith the defective product is brought at end users cost to the Service Centre or the authorized dealer.
  • The Original Serial Number is not removed/obliterated or altered from the product.
  • The product must be used in accordance with the instruction manual accompanying the product.
  • Warranty period for Emergency Light / Torches is valid for the period of 6 Months only from the date of Purchase.

The Warranty does not apply to:

  • Normal wear & tear of the product and/or parts to that can be consumable parts in their nature or that are made of glass or plastic.
  • Surface Coating/ non-stick coating, neon lamps, Bakelite Parts, Rubber or Nylon parts, Cord/Wire, Halogen Quartz Rod, Heating Cup Base, Tap (water Dispenser), CFL/Led Light/Bulb, shaft Blades.
  • Failure due to indirect or consequential damages.
  • Failure due to accident, mis-use, negligence, voltage fluctuation or non-observation of local regulations on the part of end user.
  • Where the appliance has been services by un-authorised person.
  • Where the appliance had been used for commercial applications or non-domestic use.
  • Where the damages/dent is caused due to negligence or mis-use or arises in transit.

Liability under Terms & Conditions of Warranty is limited to the value of the repairs/replacement of the parts found to be defective within the warranty period. All parts may have been replaced shall become the property of the company. Only the defective parts of the product will be replaced or repaired. The Warranty does not carry any liability for replacing the defective product with new only. BALTRA Service Team will only repair the product.

For appliance to be used correctly, the user must have to follow all instructions as per Manual and should be abstain from any actions or used that are described as undesired or which are warned against in the instructions for use. Note that all the mentioned points in the Instruction Manual will be applicable for checking the validity of the warranty.

The decision of company is final and binding on all matters arising out of this warranty.
All disputes subject to Delhi jurisdiction only.